Ron Cutler
Ron Cutler Ron Cutler

Edgar Award nominee and critically acclaimed author Ron Cutler is the author of ten novels. He has been an Indie filmmaker, commercial artist, teacher and attorney. Ron is currently a screen and television writer. His numerous screen credits include Blood Red and Article 99.

Angel of Vengeance
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In Edgar Award nominee Ron Cutler’s terrifying new thriller, psychologist Holly Alexander must unmask an avenging angel—and uncover a legacy of evil… The first to die was a convicted abuser recently released from prison—only to be abducted, drawn and quartered, his body displayed like a medieval warning. Next was a powerful man who had connections to the original victim—and who suffered a similar grisly fate. When Holly is called in as a consultant, she quickly realizes she’s on a trail as twisted as the criminal mind itself. The darkest pages of history soon reveal the killer’s inspiration: a secret book of tortures penned in the bloodiest days of the Inquisition that has survived to feed a modern-day monster’s sadistic imagination. To end this new reign of terror, Holly will have to add her name to the avenger’s list, marking herself as an enemy of justice…and a “sinner” whose only salvation may be death…

“Powerful…suspenseful…bizarre and chilling!” —West Coast Review of Books on Edgar Award-nominated The Seventh Sacrament

“An evil that is hard to fathom…crisis pacing and an ending that will have the reader glued to the book.” —Midwest Book Review on The Ides of March

Ice Man
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Snow was falling when they found her floating downriver. She was naked, still chained, her beauty forever frozen in a block of ice. Jason Briscoe, the man convicted of the crime, claims it wasn't murder. Just rough sex gone too far. Prison psychologist Holly Alexander agrees. Sex offenders are her specialty, and she approves the handsome Briscoe's parole. But that's before Holly meets his living victims. Before the strange signs surface. Before the tables are turned and she becomes the hunted. Now Holly knows everything, but can prove nothing. And somewhere in the cold shadows, he waits to kill again...

The Ides of March
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As punishment for disobeying his superiors and bringing a Serbian killer to justice, McCord, an experienced intelligence officer with the NSA, is sent to investigate a mysterious disturbance on the Ugandan border. What he discovers is a camp manned by Russian scientists who once worked for Bio-preparat, the top secret Soviet bio-weapons facility. Using the cover of the civil war, the scientists have been monitoring the experimental use of a strange new weapon being used to destroy the native population. But before McCord can get there, the camp is attacked by terrorists who manage to hijack the weapon.

A sole terrorists survives the attack, which reveals the weapon's devastating effect for which there is no known cure. Ironically, it is the surviving terrorist who carries the genetic code for a possible treatment. A man McCord must find before he accomplishes the horror of his deadly mission - a holocaust that will destroy millions.

The First Born
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For all of Girard's life fleeting images about the mystery of his birth had tortured his mind. Always there had been shadows of another existence, another life. Another being seeming to force him toward what it wanted. Whatever it was, it possessed him. Forced him to turn away from his everyday life and begin a sacred quest taking him across half the world, from the Vatican to the bazaars of Istanbul and the deserts of the Middle East. There he seeks the sacred God plant that might give him the answer and which will reveal the ultimate horror; a nightmarish revelation of divine terror in which he becomes the messenger and protector of the child whose rebirth the world awaits and the ultimate evil that seeks to prevent it.

The Seventh Sacrament
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One by one they were being stalked. The gentle women who left the church. Each of them accused of defiling the Seventh Sacrament, their sacred oath of marriage to Christ. They died slowly, horribly. With a last prayer on their lips and the word betrayed written in their own blood, both an accusation and the only clue to the murderer’s identity. Tough, young New York public defender and ex-police detective, Brian Asch wanted the killings stopped. But the police and the church would not help him. Now time was running out. For Brother Mark had found his next victim...the lovely ex-nun, Zena, the woman Brian Asch now desperately loved.

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